Dachshund puppy loves raw meat.
  • 04.09.2022
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How a Dachshund Puppy Loves Raw Meat While you may think it's impossible for a puppy to love raw meat, it can be very nutritious for your dog. In addition to meat, raw meat can also contain a wide variety of other nutrients. Depending on the type, raw meat can also be fed as a treat. The most common raw dog food is raw meat, which includes organ meat and ground bones, as well as fruits and vegetables. Even dairy products like yogurt can be given to a dog. Raw veggies are difficult for dogs to digest and are best cooked. However, you can still give your pup some treats, like frozen raspberries or corn. You should avoid punishing your dog for not eating raw meat at the beginning. Instead, give it extra love and affection if it refuses to eat. Your dog may feel bad for rejecting a new food, so try to avoid using harsh punishment. This only reinforces the dog's uncertainty about the new food. Try putting it down for 15 minutes, and then give it a raw meal again. Repeat this process until the dog accepts the raw food. Remember, it will not starve or die of hunger. Raw meat can also provide important vitamins and minerals for your dog. Your puppy will be healthier if it's not eating any processed food. Raw bones contain calcium, phosphorus, and many essential nutrients. Raw meaty bones can also be beneficial for your pup's digestive system. Raw bones are easier to digest for dogs than cooked ones.

Dachshunds are digging on the beach.
  • 30.05.2022
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Why Do Dachshunds Dig on the Beach? When you take your dog to the beach, you probably have seen dachshunds digging up the sand. However, did you ever think about why these dogs dig up the sand? They were originally bred as hunting dogs, which means they had to dig burrows to catch their prey. During hunts, these dogs would sniff out badgers and then dig a hole, plucking the prey out. When the hunters came to get them, they would simply lift them out of the hole. Although it may seem funny at first, dachshunds are natural hunters who dig holes for fun. It was once thought that their long bodies would help them hunt badgers and drive them towards hunters. Today, however, their large bodies and big feet make them unsuitable for this role, but digging is still a natural instinct for the breed. In fact, the dog is probably digging just to entertain itself. Although Dachshunds are not known to be good swimmers, they can swim well, dig burrows, and fight badgers. Their distinctive snout is a good way to distinguish them from other breeds. The nose is short and tapered. They have a large chest and are independent. If you see a Dachshund digging on the beach, the odds are that it is a hunting dog.

Dachshund puppy chases pigeons in the park
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When Your Dachshund Puppy Chases Pigeons in the Park If your Dachshund puppy is constantly chasing pigeons, it may be a sign of a soaring prey drive. A good way to curb this behavior is to teach your puppy to stay away from these creatures. This should be a fun activity for you both, and will teach your pup some manners. However, you must also be prepared for your puppy's impulsive behavior. First, always keep an eye out for your dog's body language. If it is stiffening or shaking, or if it has a fixed stare, it might be a sign of a bird chasing it. If your puppy does show these signs, you should quickly get to your pup. Otherwise, the bird will have no chance to escape. Also, always be alert to the presence of other pets and go to an animal rehabilitation center if you notice any injured birds. The next step in training your puppy is to make sure that it has a crate for its potty breaks. A crate will keep your pup in a comfortable place for about 20 minutes. It will be more difficult to train a puppy if he is confined to an indoor area. The crate is a temporary solution - your puppy may adapt to it over time. If you have to leave your home during rainy or cold weather, he might refuse to go outdoors. If you notice your dog chasing pigeons in the park, it could be a sign that he has autism. A dog with autism has difficulty listening to commands and responding to the environment. They are more likely to yap and pull on a leash, barking excessively, and ignoring their surroundings. This condition often results in a loss of bowel and bladder control, and can cause paralysis. As a result, you must support your puppy's back when you hold him or her. If your dog does have seizures, you should consult with your veterinarian. Medications can be given to control your dog's seizures.

A weekend in a cabin in the woods with 2 Dachshunds.
  • 27.05.2022
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A Weekend in a Cabin in the Woods With 2 Dachshunds A weekend in a log cabin with 2 Dachshunds is a perfect getaway for you and your pups! Here are a few things you need to know:

New friend! Dachshund & duckling.
  • 27.05.2022
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New Friend! Dachshund & Duckling. Meet Loulou. This adorable dachshund has had many animal friends over the years, including a duckling, chicken, dish, and sugar glider. She has never attacked any animal, and has only had one litter of puppies. In New friend! Dachshund & duckling., author Eveline Smit documents Loulou's many adventures with other animals, including her new duckling friend. Coco's squishy face, funny personality, and adorable personality have all earned her the nickname "Chocolate." She enjoys chasing chickens and bunnies, and is a proud guard dog, who enjoys watching her duckling friends. She was rescued several years ago, and she immediately made friends with her new farm friend. This video, posted on Facebook, has over 3,000 "likes" and hundreds of comments. A dog lover commented, "Poor little Coco!" Another wrote that she would have to keep ducklings as pets once Coco grew up. The video features Loulou observing the baby duckling while it sleeps. In the video, Loulou gives the duckling a tongue bath daily and fluffs its plumes. The human Guardian of the duckling keeps an eye on their communications. Although both dogs love each other, they are not the same breed. When Loulou wakes up in the morning, she licks and kisses the duckling's tummy to give it a boost in happiness.

AWW CUTE BABY ANIMALS - Only Baby animals can make us HAPPY and LAUGH - OMG Soo Cute
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AWW CUTE BABY ANIMALS - Only Baby Animals Can Make Us HAPPY and LAUGH AWW CUTE BABY ANIONS - Only Baby animals can make us HappY and LAUGH. The best example of this is Cecil, a lion cub that is so adorable that you can't help but smile and laugh. Cecil's cuteness degenerates into Cuteness Overload when the creature makes a sound, touches him, or bites him. All types of baby animals are adorable. Their tiny paws, sweet-sounding voices, and fluffy and feathered bodies make them a delight to watch. Whether you love animals of all kinds, babies always stick close to their mamas to protect them and to feed them. From puppies and kittens to piglets and lambs, there's no shortage of cute little babies to adorn your phone with! Research on the effects of cuteness on productivity suggests that looking at an adorable baby animal can improve your performance. People who look at a cute baby are less likely to drop something or to be distracted by other distractions. Research has shown that a baby's appearance, especially its face, can affect the way we behave.

Chicks see grass and sand for the first time.
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The First Time Chicks See Grass and Sand For the First Time After hatching, chicks do not exhibit competitive behavior until they are around three days old. By the time they are about 16 days old, they start fighting to determine the pecking order among the group. Pecking order is established by the 10th week for female groups and earlier for male groups, although it can be unresolved for many weeks. The first time the chicks see grass and sand is when they see these materials for the first time. While it is possible to place sand in a chicken coop, the sand could engulf the chicks and cause them to choke. Chickens need some grit to digest food properly. If sand is too large for the chicks' crop, they might mistake it for feed and suffocate. Even worse, the sand can clump together inside the crop, affecting its growth and causing death. Furthermore, chickens have complex respiratory systems, so sand under a heat lamp is dangerous for them. Another way to understand chicken behavior is to observe its development. For instance, when the chicks were reintroduced to the environment after they hatch, they were able to locate their appropriate hen. After three weeks, their ability to find the hen was less accurate. Chicks need to be taught to interact with the environment in order to become independent, and to grow and flourish.

Curious Dachshunds Meet Their Newborn Human Sister
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Curious Dachshunds Meet Their Newborn Human Sister Curious Dachshunds Meet Their Baby Sister When introducing a newborn human sister to a dog, there are some tips to follow. Remember that the introduction process is quite different than introducing a dog to a child, so you should proceed carefully. First, explain to the dog what the new addition is and what it should expect. A chaotic introduction will only result in a stressful situation for the dog. Try to be as calm and relaxed as possible. Make sure to supervise small children when they are around dogs. They need to know what's acceptable, but rough petting can cause an uncomfortable or aggressive reaction. Never pull the dog's tail or ears. A small child may accidentally injure a dog, so make sure your child supports the back and rear of the dog when handling them. A dog may also bite or snap if they aren't properly handled. Despite their playful personality, Dachshunds can be difficult to train. As a breed, they were bred to hunt burrowing animals, so they have an instinctive ability to defend themselves. This means they'll be protective of their owner's babies. If you're thinking about adopting a Dachshund as a pet, you'll need to keep these tips in mind. Ensure that your new puppy has been properly crate trained. The crate provides a secure place for the dog to sleep, and is essential for introducing your new pet to children. Remember to supervise small children at all times. A puppy is more likely to be friendly with kids if they're introduced to them early in their life. So, make sure your puppy is introduced to children as a puppy. This will make the process easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Who Stole the Barkbox Contents?! Sherlock Bones is On The Case!
  • 24.05.2022
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Who Stole the Barkbox Contents?! Detective Dog Sherlock Bones is on the Case Who Stole the Barkbox Contents?! Detective Dog Sherlock Bones is on the case! The first episode of this series aired in April. This mystery adventure follows Sherlock Bones, a detective dog, who's on the hunt for the thief of a box of dog kibble. Along with Sherlock, Madeline, a dachshund, tries to catch a ghost crab.

Toys Cemetery! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 24.05.2022
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Toys Cemetery! Cute & Funny Dachshund Dog Video This Toys Cemetery! Cute & funny dachshund dog video is definitely one of the most adorable things that you will see on the Internet. The little dachshund's actions are pure hilariousness! Watch the video to find out why. The cuteness factor is truly unreal, but you can't deny that the adorable little dachshund is the star of the show.

Oakley the Dachshund is.. HOME ALONE!
  • 23.05.2022
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Oakley the Dachshund Is Anxious When Left Alone Oakley the Dachshund is the main character of the children's novel, "Oakley the Doppelganger." The story follows the dog, who lives with Crusoe's grandparents. The two dogs share the same father but different mothers. Oakley has a long-haired sister named Daphne, but neither have siblings of their own. Crusoe first entered the public sphere in 2011 when he joined social media. His dog-related skills caught attention when he won the "Best Trick" competition for wiener dogs. The author's approach to addressing separation anxiety is to first address the cause of the anxiety in the dog. Dogs have a natural tendency to seek human company. Therefore, leaving them alone for a long time can cause them great stress. Aside from being bored, they may also chew on kitchen cabinets or chew on cushions. As a result, separation anxiety is a major cause of behavior problems for dachshunds. The book contains an informative and entertaining book about a dog's anxiety when left alone. The author explains that this type of dog does not enjoy being left alone for longer than four hours. It can make them very lonely, stressed, and even seek the toilet! While these dogs may seem to be independent, the fact remains that they need human contact in order to feel happy and content. If you'd like to make your own decision on the best way to approach leaving your dog alone, try an interactive camera. The camera will enable you to talk to your dog and give him treats. As a dachshund, Crusoe is prone to mischief, and should not be restrained too much. Give him enough freedom to play and run. A calming agent, such as lavender or hemp, will calm him down. Moreover, a good diet is vital for this breed of dog. Moreover, dachshunds love to eat, so don't forget to take care of your diet!

Obese Dachshund Loses 50 Pounds - OBIE | The Dodo
  • 23.05.2022
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Obese Dachshund Loses 50 Pounds OBIE (OBE-the-dodo) was an obese dachshund. During his life, he had gained more than 50 pounds, but in a year, he lost almost fifty pounds. After losing so much weight, Obie was so weak that he could barely walk. But thanks to a diet plan designed by his owner, Nora Vanatta, Obie returned to his normal dachshund weight. Nora Vanatta also posted her diet plan on her website, in hopes of motivating others to lose weight as well. During the last year, Nora has filmed Obie's weight loss journey, which has gone viral on social media. Her devoted effort to help Obie gain weight has reaped huge rewards for her. Not only did she save Obie, but she also changed his life. Now, he has a new lease on life. A doctor's note: In addition to advising clients to watch their weight, doctors also recommend observing your pet's health. When dogs and cats are overweight, they're more likely to become unfit and uncomfortable. In addition, pet owners complain about high vet bills. But a dog's weight loss journey is inspiring. Nora's diet helped her adoptive dachshund, Tyva, shed half her unwanted pounds and returned to her active life. In her first six months, Suki shed 10 pounds. She even stopped growling and was a new dog! This is a great way to save a life! You'll be glad you did.

These mini Dachshunds can run so fast. Rockets, Formula 1 dogs.
  • 22.05.2022
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How Fast Can a Dachshund Run? Despite their small size, dachshunds are surprisingly strong. However, their short legs do not permit them to run long strides. While their legs may not be long enough to enable long runs, dachshunds can reach up to 15-20 mph. They are not as fast as a Rocket, but they are just as cute. Nevertheless, you should never underestimate the power of your miniature dog. The size of a Dachshund is determined by the breed. Dachshunds come in three different sizes: standard, miniature, and rabbit. They are not recognized by the United States and UK clubs, but they are internationally recognised by the World Canine Federation, a group of more than 83 countries. The tweeny size of the breed is also becoming more common, falling somewhere between the standard and miniature sizes. While there is no official classification of this size, you can still find Dachshunds in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. The only thing stopping these mini Dachshunds from running is your enthusiasm! However, with a little care and guidance, you can ensure your puppy's long and healthy life. While they can be a real joy to own, they do come with a few health risks. While some dachshunds may run around your home like rockets, others may have trouble with weight gain or digestion.

After Years of Eating Fast Food, Rescued Obese Daschund is Losing Weight
  • 21.05.2022
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Fast Food Diet - Why Fast Food Is Bad For You In addition to the high calorie content, most fast foods are also loaded with fat, sodium, and sugar. These elements are associated with health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Fast food restaurants follow strict preparation methods to make sure that their fries remain crispy and greasy. What's more, many items contain high amounts of sodium, which acts as a preservative and enhances taste. This salty substance is also found in everything packaged in a box or a can. A recent study by the Rudd Center found that ninety percent of American parents purchased fast food for their children in the last week. Moreover, children visited fast food restaurants an average of 2.4 times per week. These findings suggest that the unhealthy habits of American kids are spreading to adulthood. However, despite the risks, fast food companies continue to expand. According to the CDC, 826,000 restaurants are operating globally. Among adults, eating fast food is common. About 37% of US adults eat it on a daily basis. The research also showed that fast food consumption is high among African and Asian Americans. Overall, the consumption of fast food is not good for health. Moreover, it is also high in calories, fat, and salt. And since most fast food is processed and void of nutrients, it's high in calories and bad fat.

Madeline dachshund puppy with Crab on the beach playing
  • 20.05.2022
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Madeline Dachshund Puppy With Crab on the Beach Watch the cute footage of Madeline dachshund puppy with a ghost crab on the beach! This cute video shows the two best friends having a lot of fun! The dog chases after the ghost crab and the crab stares back. This adorable video of Madeline dachshund puppy and Crab on the beach has gone viral over the past week. Watch the cute video to see the adorable couple's interaction! Watch the adorable video of a dachshund puppy playing with a ghost crab on the beach! This adorable video has gone viral and is viewed over five hundred thousand times! If you've ever seen a dog and ghost crab playing together, you'll surely laugh along with Madeline. This adorable video was posted to YouTube last year and has since received over 700,000 views. Watch this cute video of Madeline the dachshund puppy playing with a ghost crab on the beach! The adorable video of Madeline playing with the crab has already gone viral, with over 700,000 views on YouTube and major news outlets including CNN. Wheeler and his girlfriend Emma Crompton live on Pawleys Island and take care of Madeline at their beach home.